Galapagos Now!

The "last paradise on earth" is currently endangered by the very things that may actually save it: economic growth and a deluge of human beings. How can we steward a sustainable society so that the planet's natural heritage doesn't become a cross between Hawaii and Disneyland?

La Vida Organica!

During a time of climate change, global financial crisis and increasing control over resources by large corporations, young people in increasing numbers are exploring alternative modes of subsistence, through working and living on organic, biointensive farms. Their exploration and education are facilitated by the WWOOF organization and other non-profit establishments.

Through the eyes of farmers and their willing workers, a picture of a true alternative lifestyle emerges that might hold the key to a sustainable future for the planet.

Blue Dot Productions presents Gimme Delta!

Gimme Delta! is the story of a Western landscape in flux, shaped by the confluence of various stakeholders. The film centers on the small town of Rio Vista, nestled in the Sacramento River Delta and skirting the periphery of the Bay Area. Faced with the collapse of its economy and the death of its core, the town has restructured its development model on the tenuous proposition that residential growth could be its salvation.

Town officials have welcomed the arrival of Trilogy, a master-planned active-adult retirement community built around a world-class golf course. While the influx of residents has been a boon for business, Rio Vista's resources have borne the burden and the very character of the town itself has been threatened.

Through interviews with the new wave of residents, as well as policymakers and urban planners, what emerges is a picture of a struggle for sustainable growth fought out on a exurban landscape that has sunk below river level, only protected by fragile centenarian levees. Can common ground be attained before the Delta is irrevocably changed forever?

Gimme Delta! premiered at the Western History Association Film Festival in Salt Lake City, October 22nd, 2008.

The Science is In

Global warming, endangered species, coastal flooding, and the people responsible: us. A short PSA for change.