Tortured Monkey Films began in 2003, the year of the second US invasion of Iraq. We witnessed a slew of catastrophes, atrocities, and prevarications about Washington's intentions for going to war. The need for an independent look at the selling and spin of the Iraq War versus the reality of destruction spawned our first short film, March 19th: The Last Stand of the American Empire.

As the pundits and politicians reached a fever pitch with their recriminations, Tortured Monkey Films went from the city streets to the suburbs, in order to uncover the back story to the American Debacle. We discovered how the dependence on oil and need for continuous expansion took form in the Sacramento Delta, an area precariously surrounded by centenarian levees. Over three years, we witnessed growth balloon and stall out as America was hit by its hardest recession in decades.

We stood with those looking to rebuild in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, witnessing the frustrations with both governmental bureaucracy, and collective mismanagement and the lack of foresight. We demanded and still demand respect and dignity for the displaced and an acknowledgement of colossal failure, and hold out hope that something constructive can arise from the debris.

We have nothing to lose by continuing to seek solutions and common ground, and dealing with the frustrations that come with this process, and everything to lose by remaining "innocent" bystanders of our own tragicomic history. So we head out on that open road...